SKINNER - Visitors Pull Over Hoodie

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Skinner - VIsitors Shirt , Screen printed on PullOver Hoodies.

  • 8.5 oz Soft-Washed Comfort Weight Fleece  (We upgraded the quality of the garment) 

Sizes   Sm- 3XL available now.

Hello friends out there in the world!! Surviving, laughing and fighting the interminable strangeness of the universe with humor and grace! ( I’m not that graceful but I do seem to be laughing uncomfortably at everything! Ha!) thought I’d share a new design with you! VISITORS! a sort of graph with some of my favorite Alien visitors on it! Classic ones like the Grey and a hybrid as well as blue doctors from the movie communion and arcturians and reptilians! I I love speculating about aliens and I really love seeing peoples encounter drawings of what they have claimed to see. Look them up, they are really fascinating because it’s drawings of aliens and reptilians by people who don’t really draw that much. It’s like beautiful folk art. I’m not sure how much I believe in off world alien stuff but I love thinking about it and reading about it, too. I’m like Fox Mulder over here! I want to believe! Ha! Check it out! Blow kisses lite aliens! You can’t lose! 


 Note: These will be printed and shipped out by Friday December 3rd.