SKINNER - Chimera, Heather Charcoal, Raglan Shirt

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Chimera Raglan shirt.. every once in awhile the Gods create the coolest creatures to ravage villages across Ancient world..THE CHIMERA! An amalgamation of fierce beasts that want to eat your whole village and poison your soul (I made up that part) ! I’m sorry, your village is up next and I don’t make the rules, I’m just some guy! Have you angered the gods enough in life? No? Well wear this shirt and you will! I bet you can take it, tho.. you look very strong and your muscles are proud my friend. Let us now wear our chimera shirts while the gods vaporize us! Available now! In regular and Raglans!


Screen printed on 100% Ringspun cotton Raglan shirt.

Available sizes: Sm- 2XL