Skinner - Krull Patch

Skinner - Krull Patch

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Krull patch---- I'm gonna be honest with you, I grew up completely absorbed by this film. The bad guy was just one of the reasons why. Called "the beast" it had a magic castle that could teleport and I couldn't tell what it was really. Was the beast a giant wizard or an alien? Why did his head look like a volcano? This movie is worth watching just because of the inside of the ship. Don't even get me started on the spider creature. I love it! A psyclops friend? The whole thing fucking rules. And it's kinda dismissed as a bootleg Star Wars movie but I think it's way more than that. It's super imaginative in its own way. Here's a patch commemorating my obsession with a movie no one likes! Ha!


Krull Shape Patch 3" wide, 3.5 tall.

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