The Erol Otus official webstore is up! The seminal psychedelic fantasy illustrator from the hey day of TSR/ Dragons and Dragons has emerged with a webstore where you can get shirts and prints directly from the man himself! An excellent way to support artists who paved the way for todays illustrators and painters! Starting with 2 incredible shirt offerings featuring long lost illustrations with a controversial past, Cthulhu and Hastur come crawling out of time and space in iconic fashion!

White and black shirts depicting Erol’s legendary illustrations, and to add a touch of weird dungeon magic, we are also releasing a 16x20 high end Giclee reproduction of Erol’s fantastic Dragon Magazine cover, from 1981! Limited to 200, Signed and numbered, the first 20 come with a signed 5x7 inch sketch of the final painting! (Also Giclee)

Erol Otus has had an unforgettable impact on the legacy of fantasy illustration, RPG, and the classic dungeons and dragons aesthetic, and we are honored to feature him here on Baymerch and give autonomy to one of the most unique creaive geniuses to grace a module and rule book! The preorder will last for 2 weeks and ship a week after it closes. Thank you for joining us in celebrating Erol’s contributions to fantasy history and to his future releases!!