Official Mæntra Merch Now Available!

Rise and grind, BayMerch family! We’re ready to blow your mind with an all-new musician collaboration! Fans of the band Mæntra, welcome to the fold. We’re excited to bring some killer merch your way so that you can start repping on the daily. If you haven’t heard of Mæntra, let us set the scene…

13.8 billion years ago, 

The universe was born from the Big Bang and consciousness was created through the sound of OM.

From the journey of billions of years of evolution, survival, death, rebirth, wars, peace, and music emerges Mæntra, a 3 piece band committed to helping their listeners find their own personal light by playing in the darkness and embracing aggression. Mæntra lays their meditative lyrics on top of a unique blend of brutal death metal, industrial sounds, atmospheric tones, and intentional healing energy.

It is said that by simply playing the debut album, "Kundalini Rising", the listener is brought to a state of euphoria and dissolution of the ego. Time no longer has meaning and the past and present don’t exist. Layering a sonically aggressive sound with intentional healing and empowering lyrics, this journey of releasing demons and rejuvenating the soul is grounded in a tour of the seven chakras, guiding listeners through the healing process to release tension, erase limited beliefs, and improve overall physical and mental clarity.

Is your soul pumping yet? 

Mæntra was formed in 2017 through the current third dimensional incarnations of guitarist,vocalist,electronics Rudy Pina and drummer Adam Houmam (Cartilage, Ghoul, Terrorizer L.A.). The universe then brought Paul Ryan (Origin) on bass/vocals to complete the team. Mæntra has released a music video single in 2019 for the song "Ramadasa", which gained a lot of traction and gave the masses a taste of what's soon to come.

Now that we have your attention to who and what the high vibrations of Mæntra are, let us give you a taste of what you can adorn your meat vessel with! Scoop up 2 designs, available on your favorite comfy t-shirts, pull-over hoodies, and more. We are launching a 2-week pre-order, starting Friday, January 28th. What does that mean? Here’s a refresher for our regulars and newcomers! Lock in your sizes and styles to guarantee we will have your perfect item made-to-order, by the hands of our master screenprinters. No wondering if we will have your size or run out as long as you order within the 2 week window! 

Orders will begin shipping February 18, which is also when Mæntra will drop their BRAND NEW ALBUM! That’s right, wear your new duds while reaching a brand new plane of consciousness with Mæntra as your guide. As usual, meet us over at and place your order before it's too late!