New Florian Bertmer Pre-Sale is LIVE!

What up BayMerch crew! How about rolling into summer with some hot new designs from Florian Bertmer! Check out Necromancer and Oni available in a limited run of apparel, including sleeveless tees so you can stay cool. 

Want to know more about the designs? Here’s their story, straight from Florian!


In 2010 I teamed up with my friends from Moon Editions to make my very own Ouija board.The ”Hexenbrett” as it was called, was a huge success and all 50 sold out on the release day.The main image used for the board’s box was a woman dancing with Death with her life force being drained from her.The term Necromancer , taken from the greek νεκρομαντεία describes a person performing magic to communicate with the dead in order to gain hidden knowledge about the past or future and in the same case to bring someone back from the dead.


I have always loved Japanese Folklore and one of my favorites is the Oni, which can be described as the Japanese form of an Ogre.They are big hulking monsters that quite often carry iron clubs and are treated similar to evil spirits or demons. My version is surrounded by ”Ofuadas", which are paper talismans to ward off evil spirits found in Shinto and Buddhist temples and also used to exorcise demons. Now that you’ve got the deets, head on over to and get your sizes locked in for these killer designs! The 10 day pre-order starts today and ends June 25th!