MARTINHEAD ROCKS Merch Now Available!

It may be December, but BayMerch isn’t slowing down! In fact, we are proud to announce our newest collaboration! Join us in giving a warm BayMerch welcome to Martinhead Rocks! His debut merch is the much beloved Wolf-man, but with a colorful twist! Get in on the Martinhead inaugural launch to sport this saucy beast on tees and crewnecks! 
Want to know more about the man behind Martinhead Rocks? Martin Ontiveros is a city-dwelling Wizard living and working in Oakland, California. A dream to some, A NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS.
“The Wolf-man (and the werewolf in general) has long been top on my list of favorite monsters. I went through many sketches and drafts to figure it out, it took weeks to get this design to where I was good with it. When it was done, it demanded to be pink. Who was I to argue with that face?”
Get your pre-orders in NOW for delivery by Christmas!