Grimple - A Blast from the Past

For those that know the East Bay underground punk and metal music scene - Grimple was HUGE in the 90s and went on to form WATCH THEM DIE. WATCH THEM DIE breathed new life into thrash metal and ushered in a new movement with bands like WARBRINGER and TOXIC HOLOCAUST not far behind. Check out this video featuring GRIMPLE playing a historical Oakland warehouse show in 1998.

Here is a vintage video from Bay Area melodic and metallic crust-punk legends GRIMPLE. If you don't know who they are we've compiled some quotes from notable heads in the scene at the bottom of this presser. This 1998 reunion performance was at a memorial concert for their friend Lucky Dog (bassist in FIFTEEN).

Long live Lucky Dog! GRIMPLE is also finally releasing OFFICIAL merchandise via BayMERCH!!! Preorders for this LIMITED RUN will be available HERE.  Be sure to checkout their bandcamp page for more info on upcoming vinyl!

Preorders for this LIMITED RUN will be available at, along with merch from the artist SKINNER (Mastodon, High on fire, Connoisseur, ETC).


“Love those Grimple dudes! We smoked weed and listened to Slayer in their Van”

-Billie Joe Armstrong-

“Boy, you sure can’t judge every band by their name!

Since it was all the rage at Gilman, I assumed they were another pop punk band.

Then they came on, and they were fierce as fuck, no bullshit hardcore. Too good at it to be generic,

and a crude extra edge that made me think of the early Brazilian stuff, like Olho Seco and Ratos de Porão. Doesn’t seem like they live in Suburbia, with their parents...Wait, they’re from New Mexico.

Years later, they returned. “Better” equipment, fuller updated sound, and great once again.

Then, like before, they were gone... “

-Jello Biafra -

“Going to a Grimple show back in the day was like experiencing a blistering assault of extremely fast hardcore punk mixed with alcohol and sweat, nothing but pure energy!!!”

-Dave Mello-

“Grimple are one of the classic West Coast punk bands that are not only toxically addictive but fun and destructive! Wired aggressive vocals with scathing guitars met with a deep imbedded melody that will have you hearing their songs buzzing around in your head for the rest of your life. Many a 40 oz. was guzzled then smashed in the presence of these guys, live and on vinyl... Grimple Up Your Ass mothafuckers!!!”

-Mike IX Williams-

“Grimple was a quinticential early "DoomPunk" favorite of the early Oakland Hardcore scene!

Couldn't be done without em! Anarchy! “

-Matt Pike-

“The band Grimple would devastate the planet. Good thing they’re gone. The world wasn’t ready for them then and couldn’t handle them now.”

- JiZMak-

“If you like your music to make you feel good on the inside and to treat your ears like the tender ass flawed part of your anatomy that they are, then dont LISTEN TO THIS RECORD because listening to Grimple is a test and just when you think you know the answers Grimple changes the questions. You failed this test the day you were born. Grimple will help you remember this every goddamn day. This is real hardcore and it is truth, the truth in all its nasty bloody darkness. And in the end it will set you free. Freedom comes at severe cost and Grimple already paid for yours and its here for you now. GET INSIDE THIS RECORD and witness their reality thrown at you with an energy none of us ever truly comprehened. Grimple is one of one and you have to take a step towards them if you want any chance to recieve them on your terms, otherwise they might just take you in the night and at that point you’re fucked. If you dont BUY THIS RECORD you'll be worse off then you already are.”

-Scott Kelly-

“ First saw GRIMPLE on a summer tour with Special Forces, we played a small backyard show together in Albuquerque, NM. They were great and the most down to earth people - I think they had a demo tape or practice recordings around that time that was pretty compelling, but within a matter of months they ended up moving out here, and just ripped Oakland up - terrific band.”

-Brian Stern-

“Grimple changed my life. I saw them at a barbq in Oakland in 1992. They were great! But by the time they were done all the hotdogs were gone and I had to eat a tofu.”

-Jason Beebout-

“Grimple was loud/fast and punk as fuck. The first time I saw them was when our bands played together in New Mexico around 1990, and then they all got arrested that night after the show. They brought that same energy to every garage, backyard, and club in the East Bay until we started calling the cops on them too.”

-Paul Lee-

“Grimple was a band that took all the best elements of punk, metal, and hardcore, threw them in a blender, mixed them up at very high speed, poured them into an empty 40 ounce bottle, took a big drink, and then joyfully smashed it against the brick wall of apathy. No other band made me want to say ‘FUCK THE SYSTEM!’ with such a big grin on my face. Grimple punx forever!”
⁃ D. Randall Blythe