In honor of her 25th Anniversary on this planet, Peaches Christ, the beloved cult leader, film maker, and legendary underground drag performer has opened her vault and released two designs haven’t been seen in nearly 20 years! Now is your chance to get some incredibly exclusive merch for a limited time only and it can only be found at! Don’t worry about what to wear for Christmas, we’ve got you covered, literally! Covid got you down and not beating your mug? Let Peaches Christ grace your face with her one-of-a-kind mask designs! Be a part of drag herstory while you can with a piece of wearable art created for Peaches by Bay Area artists. 

If you’re not part of the devoted already, let us illuminate you. Peaches Christ is a legend in her own right. An essential part of the San Francisco underground drag scene, Ms. Christ has graced the stage and the screen as both a star, writer, and producer. 

Orders close December 6th at midnight, so don’t waste any time scoring your favorites or just grab the whole collection! 

About the Art: 

Peaches Christ Is My Homegirl

Design by Christopher Hatfield

This popular parody design was first released and sold at Peaches Christ's cult movie event, Midnight Mass. Let the world know you believe in Peaches and have accepted Christ in your life as your personal savior... and home-girl!

Peaches Vampire Bat

Design by Jim Winters

This artwork was created for Peaches by the wildly talented artist Jim Winters and the original merchandise was made for a "Season Of Horror" at Midnight Mass. Don't be afraid to look a little batty!

Bloody Peaches Mask

Design by Mūr By Ayça

Peaches & Popcorn Mask

Design by Michael Wertz